sanderson (nomad1300) wrote in dartmouth2009,

damn! too late and tired to fill out all these questions, so i must create more instead

it's too much trouble to answer them all. i think we'll find out the real answers to half of these sexual questions by the end of first term anyway. at least i hope so. god knows we're all curious.

1. the new game (whoever is closest wins my undying respect, which doesn't come cheap):

let's cut to the chase. how long will it take for two of the people in this community to hook up? any time or place, starting during the DOC trips. give me a date (and if we are being catty, then add the people, time, and place. probably best to only joke though, as awkwardness might arise otherwise.) my guess: it'll take a week or two... september 19th maybe?

how do you listen to your music? do you get really into a band for a month, listen to their stuff a ton, then ditch it? do you sift through new music until you find something you really like and think you'll listen to it occasionally for the rest of your life? answer how you please, but i feel like you can probably tell a bunch about a person by their answer to this.
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